<the instructions for the use>

It is free on download and for your personal using for enjoyment.
But it is not available for sale. You can make Kanino pan sing a song and release it on web with free.
If you make a video using this voice bank, I would like to see it.
So I would like you tell me the URL, but it isn't duty. If you need, use this mail form to contact me.
And my Youtube channel is here.
When you upload your video using Kanino Pan to NICONICOVIDEO, please set "contents tree".
The ID for tree setting is "nc47551".

<About modification>

You can adjust configuration as needed.
Ex: Oto.ini, FRQ, and sound sample itself
And you can release these configured files, but please do not redistribute sound sample.


Copyright(C)2013@kanipan. All Rights Reserved.